About Us


Karma Dog Training was formed in 2004 and has since earned the respect of countless dog trainers and dog behaviorists as well as the endorsement of well-respected Los Angeles veterinarians. Dr. Ian Dunbar, founder of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) has called Karma Dog Training's TPSP sponsored puppy training and socialization classes "a wonderful way to socialize puppies in a safe and responsible manner." Dr. R. K. Anderson, the venerable DVM to the veterinarians has also endorsed Karma Dog Training's early puppy kindergarten and socialization class. Karma Dog Training has also received endorsements from many other veterinarians, doggie day care professionals, rescue organizations and animal control officers throughout the United States.


Karma Dog Training boasts an experienced and qualified staff of dog trainers and behaviorist specialists. We provide private in home dog training lessons, basic dog obedience classes, puppy training and puppy socialization classes, dog behavior modification training, service dog training, therapy dog training, star puppy classes, canine good citizen classes, treatment plans and protocols for separation anxiety, dog-on-dog aggression, resource guarding and human aggression cases.

Founder and CEO of Karma Dog Training Inc., Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz, developed our Puppy Training, Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience and Dog Training education courses. He has developed a Zen like application for teaching clients called the "Karma Dog Training Method", that is considered among his clients to be the most gentle, effective and enlightened approach to puppy/dog training available.